Everyone has a bad day now and then. You only have two choices: you can either ride it out, or do something to turn the day around. A time machine isn’t an option, but there are plenty of tactics you can apply to put your day on a more satisfying path. Consider getting counseling services if this is an ongoing issue.

Get the most from a day that’s gotten off to a rough start:

1. Take a shower or bath. Use your sense of touch to change your mood. It doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold. Just the sensation of the water on your skin can change your mood and perspective. It will certainly snap you out of any negative thinking.
2. Take a nap. A power nap can give you a chance to start your day over with a fresh attitude.
3. Speak with a friend. Do you have a friend that can help cheer you up? Give them a call and allow them to work their magic. They may be wanting to hear from you anyway.
4. Eliminate something from your schedule. Determine the least significant thing on your schedule and drop it. Once a day gets started on the wrong foot, accomplishing everything on your to-do list can seem hopeless. Give yourself some hope.

5. Spend time with a pet. Petting a dog or cat can be an effective therapy for improving your mood.
6. Make yourself laugh. Watch a funny movie. Read a few jokes. Make good use of YouTube. Laughter is a great way to get into a better mood fast.
7. Listen to music that makes you feel better. You already know which song always makes you smile. Listen to it. In fact, create a playlist of songs that you can listen to at a moment’s notice. Keep them handy. Your cell phone might be the perfect storage location.
8. Go for a run. Any sort of exercise will do. Lift some weights, play some tennis or take a short walk. Get your blood pumping and your lungs working. Exercise elevates your endorphins. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’re bound to have a more positive perspective on your day.

9. Create a gratitude list. When you’re feeling down, there’s a good chance you’re too focused on the parts of your life you perceive negatively.Put your attention on something positive. Make a list of the good things and remind yourself of how terrific your life is already. Your counselor can help with other tips on changing your perspective.
10. Look at some happy photographs. Pull out your high school yearbook or check out your friends’ photos on Facebook. Remind yourself of what you and your siblings looked like 30 years ago. Keep a few photos on your phone that always make you smile.
11. Have a small snack. A bad day isn’t an excuse to several candy bars, but few small bites might be the solution to your bad day. Healthy snacks are great by providing your body fuel you may be missing and drawing your focus to your sense of taste to change your mood.
12. Meditate. Meditation has become a popular stress solution. Many large companies are even adding meditation rooms to the workplace. Regular meditation can greatly uplift your mood and strengthen your focus.

Remember that what seems like a bad day might only be a bad moment that has soured your perspective. Bad days can seem to occur at random, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it. You can turn your day around. Take a deep breath and make the best of what you can. As always, talk to you therapist for additional tips and coping skills. We know plenty of tactics to help improve your daily mood.

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