We’ve all experienced a sadness, perhaps brought on by a breakup, or the death of a loved one. However, depression occurs when those sad feelings continue, even after circumstances have changed.

Oftentimes individuals will notice the most common signs including overwhelming feelings of sadness, seclusion, and loss of appetite. However, these are  simply the most visible signs. Depression can take many forms, and oftentimes the symptoms can be hard to spot.

Several hidden signs to look for if you believe you or a loved one is struggling with depression are: 

  • Difficulty Making Decisions: If you are noticing a loved one has great difficulty deciding whether to stay in or go out, what outfit to put on in the morning, or what TV show to watch this could be a sign of depression. Depression is known to cause slowed cognitive processes and decreased ability to concentrate on any one thing.
  • Giving up Once Enjoyable Hobbies: One of the first things individuals tend to  notice about someone struggling with depression is the sudden loss of  interest in once enjoyable hobbies. Perhaps this could mean no longer “having time” for the golf range or skipping out on Taco Tuesday with  friends or this could simply look like boredom.
  • Health Issues or Concerns: Those with depression are often more prone to experience back aches, arthritis, digestive issues, weight gain, weight loss, or headache. If you or a loved one begins experiencing any of these concerns, this could be an indicator of depression.
  • Over-Working: Along with no longer participating in enjoyable activities, overworking is another overlooked sign of depression. This is oftentimes due to the fact that downtime can cause major feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts for an individual struggling with depression.

Feelings of immense sadness can be a sign of  depression, but oftentimes the symptoms are much less prominent and easy to spot. If you believe you or a loved one are struggling with any one of these symptoms, don’t wait to reach out. Integrity Counseling is here to help you or a loved one get back to living a whole and happy life again.

Depression 5 Hidden Indicators of Depression